Brothers-In-Arms Quit Manoeuvres For A Spunky Anal Invasion!
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     To say that life inside a tank is claustrophobic is a major understatement, of course, but as horny recruits, Ron Negba and Beno Eker, quickly demonstrate at the start of this terrific encounter, it’s not without its benefits. In fact, if you like being close-up and personal with other cock-obsessed buddies then you could almost say that it’s the perfect living arrangement. Negba certainly doesn’t hold back from making the most of their situation, that’s for fucking sure; promptly getting between Eker’s legs and feasting on the generous rod of aching flesh that his pal has stashed inside his khakis. What’s more, Eker doesn’t waste any time in investigating his buddy’s end-piece once the two fellows have escaped the confines of the vehicle and are able to enjoy a little space together in the sunshine; rimming and fingering Negba’s ever-receptive rear, before firing a full volley of cock deep into the lad’s hungry guts. It’s a move that the horny little bottom clearly appreciates to the max; taking every inch with relish, before then complimenting the performance by literally sitting on top of his fellow officer so that he can ride Eker’s swollen shaft like a national hero. It’s a show-stopping act from the young fucker, that’s for sure, and one that underlines his position as a studio favourite; but even this handsome cock-slut can’t continue forever, as he finally blasts a heavy wad of spunk in all directions for an unforgettable show-stopper. Not to be outdone, however, Eker arguably trumps his pal with a brazen eruption of his own – a multi-squirt explosion that leaves Negba coated!
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