Newbie Meets His Superman For Hard Lesson In Pleasuring Cock!
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     There’s always something strangely alluring about seeing some handsome lad getting deflowered for our pleasure, and this horny little training session – which sees the strangely named Zist Stevens being introduced to the pleasures of gay sex courtesy of Adrian Bennet – proves no exception. To be fair, the young pup appears to make no bones of the fact that he’s at the STAXUS studios for one reason, and one reason alone: money! As such, he’s almost certainly in the “gay for pay” category, which in itself might give good cause to question how hot this scene is gonna be. But the decision of director, John Smith, to team this newbie up with a confident “superman” like Bennet soon seems to pay dividends; with Bennet very quickly taking the lead by slurping on his co-star’s dick, and then encouraging Stevens to practice his cock-sucking skills on part of the duvet that has been shaped phallically for such a purpose. Not that slurping on material is ever gonna be a match for gobbling away on hard, male flesh; as Stevens finally discovers when he musters the courage to devour Bennet’s aching shaft for the very first time. From which point onwards, any hesitation that the copperhead showed appears to be promptly pushed aside; as Stevens then rims and fingers his buddy, before thrusting his thick, ass-stretching poleaxe deep into Bennet’s guts. For a newcomer, it’s a terrific show, and there’s no disguising the pleasure that Bennet clearly enjoys with every manly thrust; which culminates in him receiving a butt-load of jizz, before squirting a sac-load all over Stevens’ mouth!
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