Foot-Fetish Fucker Oils Blond Buddy Up For A Hard, Waxy Bang!
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     Very much the free man again, Connor Rex jumps at the chance at giving new STAXUS favourite, Ron Negba, a real good rubdown - and who can honestly blame the fellow? After all, Negba is seriously fucking gorgeous - arguably even more so than normal when donning a pair of fashionable jockstraps! In fairness, Rex can't actually wait to get him out of his clothes so that he can concentrate all his powers of attention on the young lad's crotch; and having taken a little time out to oil up Negba's legs and feet - a must see for anyone who has a bit of a fetish for toes - he's greasing the boy's hairless cock and balls into a badly swollen mass. At which point he abandons all pretence of professionalism by jumping out of his shorts and up onto the massage table. It's a move that his client clearly approves of given the manner with which the lad proceeds to use his now well-oiled feet to massage Rex's engorged shaft in return; before being flipped over so that Rex can give a full examination of his buddy's sweet little pucker. At which point events start to take a bit of a kinky turn with the sudden (and perhaps unexpected) introduction of a lighted candle, which Rex shoves up Negba's arse to full effect. Not content with this, Rex then proceeds to drip hot globules of molten wax onto his bud's rump; before encouraging the youngster to plonk himself down on his thick, meaty shaft for the ride of his life. Given the intensity of the moment, it'll come as no surprise that neither boy is able to hold back from the brink for long; a creamy, multi-shot crescendo from both shafts!
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